Monday, 28 March 2011

Lancaster's Big Society

I was watching Mike Harding at the Lancaster Grand Theatre a few hours ago. He is still hearing waves of laughter after all these years. I was speaking to the people sat next to me and they saw him in 1983. I saw him in 1978 at the Manchester Palace. Doesn't time fly! The reason why I am mentioning him is because he spoke about the big society. Some things get him mad and this is one of them. He told the audience that we have always had a big society. If someone's car breaks down then people go and move it. If an old lady falls over people go and help.

The point is the audience were right with him. They don't know what the big society means and neither do I. If we are relying on volunteers then we already have them. If anyone has a desire to help anywhere then it may take a bit of effort but they can do it. I haven't heard of anything that makes it easier to volunteer.

At the end of the show Mike gave a special thanks to the volunteers who run the Grand Theatre. There is the big society.

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