Sunday, 13 March 2011

Let's say "no" to ugliness

I'll make this my last blog entry on the Independent Party leaflet. They write that 'Only The MBIs (Morecambe Bay Independents - that's the party not the individuals who are independent) Say "No" To Ugly Tower Blocks On Morecambe Promenade'. This is quite a statement. How do they know? Have they asked the other parties? Have they asked the independent councillors? Are they going off a vote in council when the flats went up many years ago? I don't think so because this was a time when there were no MBIs to have any opinion.

I know one lady who lives in these flats. She has a great view but even she will understand that the view towards the building leaves something to be desired. The flats are an anomaly when compared to most of the rest of the promenade. I would like to be positive, so here is my positive message. I will bring this subject up at a meeting of Liberal Democrats and then we can say that we say "no" to ugly tower blocks on the prom. I may even go further and get the meeting to oppose ugliness in general. Then we'll have to decide what is ugly as sometimes one person's ugly is another's beauty.

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  1. perhaps they were objecting to the proposed flats on the old Bubble site. I know I think it would spoil the prom.

  2. Thank you Sea. I have re-read their leaflet and I am none the wiser. You may well be right but that doesn't make their leaflet any better. It probably makes it worse as it is incomprehensible. I could write two leaflets on how bad their leaflet is but I will try to stay with positive messages.