Friday, 1 April 2011

It sounds a bit fishy

When the Rainbow Warrior was sunk by the French secret service there was a backlash against the French and their nuclear testing. It turned out that the French had to pay Greenpeace over $8 million and it caused testing to be halted. Sometimes subterfuge doesn't pay. Prior to the sinking New Zealand wasn't too bothered about French testing. After the sinking it sent a flotilla of yachts to Moruroa in order to protest.

On Wednesday I saw footage of cruelty against an elephant and protests were taking place in Knutsford against the Bobby Roberts Super Circus who owned the elephant. It struck me that if this was a genuine beating then the man was sick. The circus owners said that he would have been sacked if he had not disappeared. Let's presume he was not sick. What other motivation could the man have? Well I can think of one easy answer. If I wanted to ban animals from the circus I would like footage of a man beating an elephant, so I would set up a camera and release the footage. The only thing that I would have to learn from the French in New Zealand would be to make sure that the culprit did not get caught, for example I could make him disappear.

I happen to think that a circus could offer a stable environment for an animal as opposed to say the wild. Protest may be legitimate but it can't be based on a mad keeper who disappears after acting in what looks like an evil manner in front of a camera. This action, like the sinking of a former trawler sounds a bit fishy to me.

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