Monday, 25 April 2011

The BNP say no

William Hague was on the Andrew Marr show yesterday and was speaking about AV. Both the yes and the no sides are using the BNP to claim that the other system gives more votes to this party. Baroness Warsi for the no group reckons that she doesn't want the BNP to get more votes but this is what AV would do for them. William Hague supported her when he asked "Will the candidates in marginal seats have to think about how they're going to get the second, third and fourth preferences of people who have voted for the BNP?"

Well the answer is let's hope so. What makes voters turn to the BNP? Is it possible that these voters feel marginalised? Do they feel like the main parties aren't listening to them? With AV we could get politicians who listen and seek support from voters who are not their natural allies so AV would be a move to the centre for British politics. William answers his own question. He feels that the answer is debatable but I get the feeling that he does not see any importance in looking to gain votes which are second preferences. To him they are not significant. Well if political groups choose to ignore the possible benefits of second preferences it will be their loss.

Just for the record, the BNP are on Baroness Warsi's side and will be voting no.

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