Saturday, 9 April 2011

Good Communication

There are so many cutbacks it makes you wonder how we can improve matters without cost. One such way is by talking. Communication isn't expensive and can save a lot of money. I don't usually see any breakfast television but on Thursday morning I saw an article on a school in Darwen where the teachers had gone on strike. The spokesperson for the NUT, Avis Gilmore is a former physiotherapist and I used to work with her. I know she is a dedicated worker who would try her best to resolve conflict. So how did she get to comment on the first teacher walkout for 15 years?

The staff on strike reckon the senior management did not do enough to clampdown on unruly behaviour. The headteacher reckons the vast majority of pupils behave well and is disappointed that there has been a strike. Let's hope the majority of pupils do behave well but it doesn't mean that the staff are not supported when they have to deal with the minority.

The most telling statement for me was that unions were meeting with management but only after the strike action was called. I have no reason to believe that Avis wasn't telling the truth which means that good communication could have saved a strike. I don't know if the staff are wimps or the pupils are barbarians. However bad the situation good communication would have helped.

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