Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Safety Measures?

On Sunday I wrote about the traffic calming measures on the road between Lancaster and Morecambe. I don't know what all the roadworks are going to do but a small part of them revealed a traffic island to me on Saturday. Yesterday I noticed that there is a bus stop marked in this small section of the road with the island.

I have seen traffic measures taken like this all over Lancashire and I am sure you can relate to this wherever you are, but when did the trend reverse from building bus stops so the bus moved off the road and kept traffic flowing to building bus stops to deliberately stop all traffic? This particular traffic island looks like it has been built by someone who has had too much to drink. It creates a narrow lane in a very wide road. On the opposite side is enough room for two and a half lanes but paint makes this into one lane. No doubt further changes and further expense is planned.

Over the years I have seen signs that have been hit which have been asking for drivers to drive carefully. I have seen bollards that narrow roads which have been knocked over. I actually saw an accident as a car drove into a bollard about six months after they were put in place to narrow the road and create a parking bay. Maybe these measures are identified as traffic calming. I wonder if they are seen as safety measures too. The worst aspect for me is that this road is notorious as the slowest in the area if not the whole country.

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