Saturday, 23 April 2011

Any opposition is infinitely better than none

I received my Labour leaflet on Thursday evening. We have no Labour candidates for the Morecambe Town Council but we do have one labour candidate for the three seats for the Lancaster City council. On the positve side, I don't think Labour are trying too hard which is very nice of them. Their candidate is a university student whom I presume must be studying away from home as his university is not mentioned.

On the negative side they call the coalition the Con/Dem coalition. Do they think this is funny? It just comes across as an insult and panders to one of the Independent Parties in Morecambe which is oblivious to the fact that they are a party but has a theme of insulting those who take part in party politics. "Sick of party politics? Vote for our party" Those may not be the exact words on their posters but that's what they should say.

The Labour leaflet contains a great deal of criticism about the government cuts. Maybe the electorate will be influenced by national politics but there is no apology for the state of the economy left by the previous Labour government. At least Ed Balls had a go at blaming the economy on a global recession even though Vince Cable was highlighting Labour financial irresponsibilities as they were being carried out. Still, at least we have a Labour candidate for the City Council and this is infinitely better than the no-contests that have happened for the Morecambe Town Council.

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