Sunday, 24 April 2011

Calming the congestion

We know that we have to make savings but nobody likes the savings when they are affected by them. I was driving between Lancaster and Morecambe today and I discovered why we were undergoing major roadworks. The care in front of me veered towards the kerb and I followed suit. We were avoiding traffic calming measures. Not only do we have major roadworks on a road which must be the worst in the country for congestion, we also have traffic calming measures! We don't need any.

There are very few times in the day when traffic is moving freely. Admittedly it wasn't bad today - well it is Easter Sunday but we are normally talking 5 or 10mph. We have so much paint on our roads. We have so many instructions. Traffic just seems to flow better on the continentand they hardly spend anything on paint. We have double-yellow lines everywhere and then we have traffic calming measures on the same part of the road. Here's an easy answer. Let the cars park and you get instant traffic calming at no cost.

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