Friday, 8 April 2011

The Rooney Defence

Wayne Rooney has been banned for two matches for swearing directly in front of a television camera. He apologised fairly quickly and now feels his punishment has been harsh because "I am not the first player to have sworn on TV and I won't be the last". He goes on to say "whatever, I have to accept that what's happened has happened and move on from here. That is what I intend to do." Well that's not quite the case. He has complained about the punishment and many Manchester United fans and others will also say the punishment has been harsh.

Rangers were also in the news yesterday because they too had been victimised because of allegations of sectarian chanting. They will defend these allegations "vigorously". I am not sure how they could defend themselves as I would guess there is plenty of evidence. There may even be thousands of witnesses. I suppose they could use the Rooney defence that fans from every team sing songs of hatred.

It's not good enough is it? If everyone follows the Rooney defence nobody would be punished for anything. "It's only dropping litter M'Lud" will be heard in court. Why don't we investigate the real criminals? That's why we have our litter problem. It could even be the main cause for most of society's problems. If we aren't bothered about the small things then it gives leeway to commit bigger and bigger crimes with the excuse that there is always something worse going on.

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  1. A whining oaf playing for a whining club. A perfect match I suggest.

  2. Thanks for your comment Richard. It is easy to forget whining when you are winning.

  3. I am glad that Rooney's ban was upheld.....afte all...Rooney and his contemporaries are role models..whether they like it or not..for today's youth. For him to have had the ban overturned would have sent out a negative message. Another reason I agree with the ban is that schools are trying to estabilish a norm....being that swearing at people is not acceptable. This reinforces that.

  4. I hear this defence all the time Sea. It justifies anyone to do anything.