Saturday, 2 April 2011

Peace-loving protestors?

Later today the English Defence League are holding a protest in Blackburn which, according to them, will be peaceful. I am not sure how they can be so sure as they also tell us that they manage to attract "wrong-uns". How could such a peace-loving organisation attract those with a violent nature? Come to that, why are they demonstrating in Blackburn? It isn't the Blackburn branch (if there is one) that has organised the event. On the other hand Blackburn and Darwen Unite Against Racism (BADUAR) has organised a counter-protest. I am taking a wild guess here but the organisers may come from Blackburn and Darwen.

I used to work in Blackburn and I have also worked in Oldham. I found no overt racism in these areas but I have been much more likely to come across opposition to Muslim extremists in towns where there is no significant ethnic minority. Why have this group picked on a town with a significant ethnic population? It sounds antagonistic to me. It is the sort of planning that may attract "wrong-uns". Why are these people so concerned with extremists who are Muslim? Could we not condemn all extremists including Dr Terry Jones who is in the news because he burned the Koran?

Taxi drivers in Blackburn have decided to go on strike for 24 hours from 6am. They are doing this because they are concerned for their own safety. I hope there is no violence in Blackburn today but even if everything runs smoothly I am not sure it is anything to do with planning from the EDL.

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  1. I had guessed that "peace-loving" protestors may not have come from Blackburn. The person who spoke on our local news had a London accent and wore a Chelsea cap. I am not sure how they can assure us of a peaceful demonstation but with antagonistic intentions. This was confirmed by a placard asking for Muslims to leave the country - this wasn't a protest against Muslim extremists.