Friday, 15 April 2011

Discussions with voters

I was speaking with a voter yesterday and she thought the Liberal Democrats may not do well. My answer went along the lines that we were the only party working the ward, the Labour Party weren't fighting the election and the Independents were split. I think we will do well.

The previous day I was putting out leaflets near to a proposed link road and a gentleman introduced himself to me. He was an objector to the proposed road and he asked my opinion. My first thoughts were that this is not an election for the county council which decides on such matters. He wasn't happy with this as the views of the locally elected councillors may hold some authority.

My second line was that Liberal Democrats carried out a survey and the huge majority supported the road. These protests have been going on for some years and there are some posters advertising a survey which came to the opposite conclusion. For me the discrepency was simply down to the question that was asked. Our survey said if this were the only option would you want it. I guess their's said would you like a link road somewhere else.

He agreed that survey results related to survey questions but he said that he looked into it and was not objecting as a nimby but on economic grounds. You have council projections of a good improvement in the economy. You have protestors saying there are few benefits. My feelings have been well documented but I think that Morecambe will die without the road.

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