Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The message in the leaflet

I have completed three sides of A4 of what will hopefully be our last leaflet before the election. It is all good positive stuff saying what dependable hard-working people we are in the Liberal Democrats. The last page is yet to be written but we had a meeting yesterday evening and we discussed the major points to go on that page. We will mention that Focus leaflets go out regularly, not just at election times. We will mention that we are hard-working. It may well be that candidates from other parties work just as hard but the evidence in terms of regular leaflets is just not there.

Then there is going to be a small negative section. The Independent Party isn't going to mention the acrimonious split which has been costly to Morecambe in both political and financial terms, so we have to. Maybe the other Independent Party will mention it but this is unlikely as they will have to say that they are like the other Party only better. The first independent group often ask in their leaflets if the electorate is sick of party politics (conveniently forgetting that they are a party), well the question should be asked if the electorate are fed up with Independent in-fighting.

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