Sunday, 10 April 2011

Invitations for debts

On the 27th March I wrote about Ed Ball's response to the budget and he gave an apology somewhere for something. My interpretation was that he was apologising for the economy failing in the whole of the world. I knew Labour's handling of the economy was bad but I hadn't thought it was that bad. Yesterday I met an old friend who told me that he had always been a Labour supporter. However he couldn't forgive them for two things and he mentioned one. It was their handling of the economy.

He remembered the time when every other letter through the letterbox seemed to be an invitation to own a credit card. They were being given out to people who had no hope of ever repaying their debt. Now we hardly recognise the concept of debt. Debt is now an integral part of life. At least one thing has improved, the requests to get into more debt are less frequent.

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