Monday, 18 April 2011

What would Forrest Gump say?

It is easy to write political blogs because politics is all around us. It is even easier to write political blogs at election time as there are political conversations, leaflets put through letterboxes and patent electoral stories make the headlines as they do throughout the year.

One of my pet hates (I am a grumpy old man) with political views is that some politicians feel they are completely right and others are completely wrong when it is almost certainly the balance of the argument that led them to their belief in the first place. A few days ago I mentioned Margaret Thatcher and the Belgrano but I could be talking about any decision made at any political level.

The Morecambe Bay Independents have taken the credit for dealing with an "ousted" councillor. Regular readers will know that it wasn't one councillor but an acrimonious split and it was expensive to the people of Morecambe in political and financial terms. Forrest Gump said something along the lines that things like this happen, but then for this party to take credit is really beyond belief.

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