Thursday, 7 April 2011

Around two years ago...

Around two years ago we had protests at the G20 conference - see yesterday's blog. At roughly the same time we had the BNP standing in front of a Polish spitfire thinking it was British. We were also discovering that some MPs were milking the system and Michael Martin was struggling in his role of speaker. How do I know? Well I have just looked back at my blog entries and we were having elections for the first time ever for a Morecambe Town Council. So roughly two years ago the Morecambe Bay Independents were asking about the use of the armorial bearings (the coat of arms) of the former Morecambe and Heysham Borough Council but there was no mention of this party using it with or without permission.

One of the great recent advances in technology has been our ability to communicate. Who would have thought even in 2001 that the 2011 census could be filled in by using the internet? The opportunities to improve our democracy are tremendous. Even on a local level anyone could email their councillor or MP. Now the downside. My MP has decided not to answer my email. I did get an automated response to say that it would be dealt with and that was that. Then there are websites. Take a look at and you will see that there is no community forum for the local council. Still, they have only been trying for two years.

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