Sunday, 17 April 2011

Which independence do I go for?

I received not one but two leaflets from the Independent Party a couple of days ago. Three if you count the additional leaflet that one of my sons received sealed in an envelope. There is an emphasis on explaining that they are the genuine Independent Party and the reason for this is that there has been a split and we now have two independent parties.

The first party found success on the back of putting Morecambe first. This is not a great basis if you want to expand but that's what they did. I am sure that the second party will put forward the same objective. The trouble for both parties is that all elected representatives from any party or even those who are truly independent, act on behalf of those they represent. Those who wish to be elected have to convince the voter that other parties don't act for their electorate. They may be able to do this because of our broken system. For example, I have never lived in a constituency with a Liberal Democrat as the MP and I have never felt that my views have been adequately represented by the MP.

More importantly for the Independent parties, they have to convince the electorate that their view of independence is more significant than the view of the other independent party. I do not envy their spin doctors.

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