Monday, 11 April 2011

Politics by consensus

I don't mind who comes up with a good idea. I don't mind if it comes from those in power or those in opposition. When Any Questions came from Morecambe Lembit Opik told the Labour MP for Barrow, John Hutton that not only did the Liberal Democrats have policies on benefit fraud but the minister could take any he wanted to use. Just prior to this comment John Hutton had decided to throw a cheap insult about Liberal Democrats not having a policy on this subject. Strangely, when I checked the main manifestos, the Liberal Democrats were the only party to mention it.

However the subject of this blog is about where good ideas come from and how even good ideas may be amended in order to improve them. I don't mind politicians admitting that they are not perfect. I really don't like politicians saying they are perfect. Take Margaret Thatcher telling us that the Belgrano was a danger to our shipping. I just thought she was mad. Those who felt she was a strong leader because of her unwavering claims of danger need to consider how a ship outside an exclusion zone heading in the wrong direction could be a danger.

I want politics by consensus. I don't like adversarial politics but constructive criticism is fine. Too often we are left with political point scoring rather that aiming for higher goals.

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