Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another area for savings

David Chaytor is one of the north west MPs who is in court because of his claims for expenses. I think it is outrageous if anyone claims for a mortgage on a property that doesn't have a mortgage and this appears to be the case with Mr Chaytor, but I am not the judge and the jury and everyone is entitled to a defence. He may even be innocent.

He was mentioned on the local news tonight because he has managed to get legal aid. The reporter thought that there was a sense of irony in this award because he has been charged with taking taxpayers' money and is now receiving more. In the sense that legal aid provides representation in court for those who cannot afford it then there is no irony if Mr Chaytor cannot afford representaion. The only way that you would know if legal aid is needed is by knowing the wealth of the individual and the cost of representation. I know neither, but he has obviously qualified so that's that. We are where we are but let's hope legal aid becomes another area for savings.

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