Saturday, 17 April 2010

What do you say after you lose convincingly?

Yesterday I didn't want to say Nick Clegg had won the debate as I am biased. I know that I am biased but what makes it all the more pleasing is to hear that everyone is talking about it and everyone is saying that Nick Clegg won. I am pleased with the way that Nick came over as a person as well as the content of his answers. One example of this was when the leaders shook hands with the audience. Gordon didn't make eye contact, David gave a cheesy smile and Nick was asking opinions and having a chat.

Yesterday morning Gordon was interviewed on a BBC Radio Sussex programme. The presenter faced him with a question about the polls on the debate. He said Nick won 51% of the vote. This was from Yougov poll in the Sun. I know it is the best of the figures but other polls weren't bad at all. ITV news had Nick at 43%. In fact Nick was consistently the people's favourite. What was Gordon's answer to the radio presenter? "I don't think there was one poll, there were lots of polls". Well Gordon was right and I suppose that it the answer that I would give if I had just lost convincingly.

Even better than polls on the debate are the polls on voting and Liberal Democrats are now at 30%, two points ahead of Labour!

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  1. I watched the debate just out of interest. I was quite impressed by Nick Clegg's stance on areas..which I think he said more than once, everyone needs to co-operate in finding a solution. he never said he had all the solutions, but he seemed to be the only one actively looking for solutions, instead of finding excuses. What our country needs is solutions to the problems, not hurdles thrown up in the face of solution seekers. Hurdles don't have to be jumped, there are ways around them, and in some circumstances the whole coutry needs to seek solutions, and not baulk at hurdles.