Sunday, 4 April 2010

More poor adverts

Here is another of the Morecambe third wave of Tory posters this year. We had to take yesterday's at face value but this one does give a website address. I haven't yet looked at the site but it is easy enough to find loopholes in the message just by thinking about it.

Sheelagh from Frodsham has never voted Tory before but has decided that this is the party which will help every child get a good education. What sort of statement is this? Is she actually saying that politicians belonging to other parties give up on certain children? It just doesn't make sense. In fact it is so false I think the children can see through it. Hence the adaptation on the right.

It is fairly obvious that I don't want the Tories to win. This is partly because of their poor adverts, partly because the extra millions that they pay out for adverts is an affront to democracy, but mostly it is because I disagree with many of their policies.

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  1. I wish there was a strong, viable alternative...I would, and have voted for it...even though it has made me feel I should not have bothered.
    Perhaps this is the time the "third party" grasped the nettle?
    I know our current MP HAD our needs at heart, but since she moved to a "penthouse" not so sure...before she was in a basic modern in a VERY modern penthouse?
    Has this put her above the people she represents? Who knows?
    I will seriously consider where my vote goes in the coming election.