Monday, 19 April 2010

Let's get rid of childish behaviour

The Liberal Democrat policies will now be exposed. That is the threat from Labour and Tory sources since the polls made a giant percentage leap following Nick Clegg's success in the leaders' debate. Well what kind of threat is that? The leaders' debate exposed Liberal Democrat policies and support went up.

On the 6th April I wrote that it was good to get criticism. Liberal Democrats are now a threat and the other parties must rebut our policies. If that fails then the other two parties will fall back on the "they can't form a government" argument. The answer to this is that you let the electorate vote for the policies that they want, and then you see who has won. I don't want to copy David Steel's rallying cry which was something to do with preparation and government as this falls into the Labour and Tory trap of presuming the result of the election, but this doesn't stop the media from predicting outcomes which make the "they can't form a government" argument apply equally to all parties.

I have written about consensus politics in the past. There is nothing wrong with politicians of all parties working together. It certainly beats the childish behaviour we have in parliament at the moment. What sort of advert is this for Britain?

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  1. After watching the debate, that was the most positive thing said. That everyone needs to work together to find solutions.