Tuesday, 27 April 2010

What makes you vote?

Most people that I meet are interested in politics. This may be more to do with the people that I meet rather than the mood of the nation. However there are some who don't engage with the political process. They don't recognise that political decisions affect them. I have tried to explain the need for involvement by writing these blogs but there are simpler methods of getting the message across. Poster campaigns, TV ads and political leaflets all play a part but they are still easy to ignore.

What about the argument that we fought world wars to get the vote? Well this may not convince everyone and even if we realise that the alternative to democracy may be dictatorship then some would say that is good. The problem, of course, is that we have no checks or balances if we have a dictator. We get the government we deserve but if you remain unmoved by any of the parties then do take part in the democratic process. Go into the polling station and spoil your vote. You have participated and who knows, you may even be moved to vote for one of the candidates.

Change the world

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  1. I do have one question for you though.
    Why was my 17 year old son sent, personally, sent election bumph when he ain't old enough to vote?
    To me that is a total waste of money....similarly....three letters to myself, my elder son and my daughter. Why? Why not leaflet the household? And Just whose money is being wasted in this circumstance?