Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cycling and happiness

I was in Cambridge last week and you may have guessed from these photos that I am going to talk about transport, in particular bicycles. I was told that there are 35 000 bikes in the city and the high number is partly because all the rich students aren't allowed to bring a car within five miles of the city centre.

In general I like cycling. It is healthy for the cyclist and it is also environmentally friendly. However there are poor cyclists just like there are poor drivers and even people who cause accidents by walking. I used to cycle between Morecambe and Lancaster and there is a clear division on the paths designated for cyclists and that for walkers. You do get a few cyclists who travel next to people at an excessive speed. The proportion of cyclists who do this in Cambridge is far greater. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry and I didn't even see what happens at rush hour. For all the benefits of cycling they didn't look happy. Maybe they are, but at least they should be physically more healthy than their non-cycling counterparts.

Change the world.

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