Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Morecambe Town Council Website (continued)

On Sunday I tried to comment on Morecambe Town Council's discussion board on the subject of the M6 link road. My comment wasn't published. I didn't take it personally as there were no other comments. Maybe they are having teething problems, but I didn't want to waste the five minutes that I spent writing the comment so here it is...

The title of the press release is 'The Town Council expresses the Public views on M6 Link Road' but the Town Council expressed its own view and 'learnt' about the opinions of others.

If you want my view then take a survey of Morecambe residents who use the motorway to get to work. Ask businesses who deal with the rest of Lancashire. Check the business plans of any company that looks to visitors getting here from the motorway. The Winter Gardens must be a prime example of a company that fully supports the link road. We are desperate for it. Let's not hear about Lancaster's traffic problems and how this will not be affected. There will still be a problem in Lancaster that needs a coordinated approach, but the problem will not quite as bad because of the link, but this is about Morecambe.

I'll let you know if it gets published. I should also have mentioned people who use the motorway to work in Morecambe or businesses that use the motorway to trade with Morecambe, and I am sure that there are lots of other reasons to support the link but I did only spend a few minutes on it.

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  1. it takes 35 mins approx to get to Preston on M-way....15 of those are getting to the motorway
    It makes sense to approve the link...the opposors all seem to be from the Lancaster side of the river!