Monday, 12 April 2010

I vote for Jon Sopel

There are blogs that go into great detail about the amount of time given to particular candidates in political programmes. Their raison d'etre is to inform us that their particular favourite is treated badly. One way of doing this is to count the number of interruptions that each of the panellists receives on shows such as Question Time. For me this sort of analysis is a waste of time. David Dimbleby's job is to keep people on the right track or to delve deeper. Interruptions may be entirely appropriate and have nothing to do with bias.

I prefer qualitative research for two reasons. Firstly it is easier to justify my opinion, and secondly I don't have a stopwatch or the inclination to time anything. This brings me to Jon Sopel. Whenever I watch him interview a Liberal Democrat he is quite aggressive. I saw him yesterday and he was asking Vince Cable questions and asking another question when Vince had got three words out.

I watch the Politics Show regularly and the grilling that he gave Nick Clegg was nothing compared to that given to David Cameron. One member of the audience welcomed David. Another had been a Tory voter previously and needed some persuasion to vote for them again. Now that shouldn't be difficult given the turmoil in the economy and a government that may be criticised on so many levels.

I think that others who write blogs would like a vote on BBC presenters so that they could get rid of one or two. My vote would be for Jon Sopel.

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P.S. On Tuesday 13th I watched the programme 'Spotlight on Nick Clegg' presented by Mark Austin. It made a pleasant change to watch a presenter gently interviewing a politician.

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  1. Jon Sopel is certainly one of the presenters I would vote to get rid of, followed closely by Louise Minchin. To see this double act on a serious channel like BBC News makes me cringe. Mr Sopel screams like a 6th former who has lost his lunch box. The attempt to swap smart comments with Minchin just doesnt work, I hate to think what the rest of the world must think of the presentation by these two.