Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Who makes Gordon angry and upset?

If you support one group to the detriment of another then you run the risk of being called a bigot. I don't think Gillian Duffy from Rochdale is a bigot but she was simply asking a question about admitting workers from abroad. Gordon had a fair stab at answering her quesion but the BBC political editor, Nick Robinson hit one nail on the head when he said that today's events in Rochdale were a disaster for the prime minister because it showed the gap between his public and private face.

The damage is done and it isn't about his views on foreign workers. It is about his judgement of others. It is about his private versus public opinions but for me it is about the stage management of his campaing. I have heard on many occasions that Gordon is meeting real voters not pary stooges. In the past couple of weeks the handshakes have looked like they have gone to party members. On this occasion a lady walks down to the shop, asks a decent question and gets called a bigot. Gordon was caught on a microphone criticising others. He should not have been talking to this woman - and she was a Labour supporter!

In public Gordon is very angry and upset with himself. You can't help thinking that he is very angry and upset with his party workers.

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  1. If you heard the radio 2 talk this dinnertime, Gordon Brown was being asked some very sticky questions about the banks the government rescued with tax payers money. He was rattled, to put it mildly.
    Incidentally. I know most of the EU immigrants get paid less than their UK equivalents, work longer hours willingly, in posts that the UK jobless did not fill...that is why firms advertise in Eastern Europe. In fact most of the UK jobless wouldn't entertain the jobs the Eastern Europeans are doing. I have no objection to them, all that are here are gainfully employed. They see missing a days work as something shameful.

  2. Thanks for your comment Sea. I would not like to be living abroad and to hear the kind of comments that we get in this country, and like you say, good attributes are not confined to the British nation.