Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mud slinging must be good

Yesterday Ed Balls threw down the gauntlet to the Conservatives by saying that Labour would protect school budgets and he challenged them to say the same thing. Ed was on Newsnight recently along with David Laws and Michael Gove and he complimented the Liberal Democrats on the way that they had funded their education policies. He could not say the same for the Tories.

It is good to receive compliments from Labour, and some would say it is even better for Michael Gove to respond by criticising the Liberal Democrats as he did on the news yesterday evening. Usually when the Tories are beaten by the arguments they just say that Liberal Democrats can't form governments. They must feel threatened to criticise personalities.

I look forward to the televised leaders' debates and if they are anything like Channel 4's "Ask the Chancellors", then I can hope for more Liberal Democrat criticism. It's a pity that Michael didn't mention any policies, but was just slinging mud.

Change the world.

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  1. This county council has frozen it's budget for 2010/2011
    So no growth in education is likely!