Monday, 26 April 2010

A quote from John Cleese

There are many problems with our electoral system and the majority of voters don't get the candidate that they want but there is a real sense that things will change after this election. The local Labour candidate gives us a headline in her leaflet that asks for Liberal Democrats to support her. 'Lib Dem Supporters could hold the key' is the headline and in the body of the text she tells us that 'it is clear that either Labour or the Tories will form the next governmnent'. I mentioned this lack of reasoned argument recently but it is worth repeating. When Labour and Tory politicians are losing the argument they fall back on the 'they can't form a government' argument.

Now the tables are turned. She needs to add two 'n's to her leaflet and write 'it is clear that neither Labour nor the Tories will form the next governmnent'. Ironically there is another headline in her leaflet 'Every Vote Counts'. If every vote counted then everyone would vote for the party that they wanted to win. As John Cleese told us in his memorable broadcasts, "if everyone who'd wanted the Lib Dems to be in power actually voted for them, they'd win".

Yesterday Nick Clegg said that it was "potty" if Labour got fewer votes than their rivals but still tried to form a government. There are many "potty" scenarios to our FPTP system but it really feels like we have already reached a tipping point and we will get change.

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