Thursday, 1 April 2010

Vince wins hands down

I watched the "Ask the Chancellors" programme on Monday evening and I was pleased with the way that Vince compared to the other two. He gave clearer answers. I know that he has a deeper understanding of the economy than the other two but it also looked like he did. Vince gave more specific answers. He mentioned areas where cuts in government spending would be made, including the defence budget, ID cards, biometric passports, the child trust fund, local government bureaucracy. His list was extensive.

I thought it was particularly poignant when Vince attacked the Tory position on cuts. He said that in the previous week the Tories were denouncing government efficiency savings as complete fiction but they were now using these fictitious cuts to finance their own propositions. It was poignant because there was no Tory response.

Vince also criticised the Tories because they had not even named the government departments in which cuts would be made. There was a vague answer that the Tories had the support of two people we have never heard of. There was an opportunity for debating this issue but it was not taken. I could have chosen most of the questions and answers from the programme and it didn't matter whether they were Labour or Tory answers. Vince won hands down. Now I am biased so it is particularly pleasing that since Monday people with no political affiliation have told me Vince was best.

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