Saturday, 3 April 2010

Even more posters

Here's a coincidence. Yesterday's blog was about the distribution of wealth here is one of the latest wave of Tory posters talking about the same subject. On the left you will see the original image. This time the Tories don't give any references but let's presume they are right. Well if your backers include fairly wealthy* workers who are supported by strong unions then it may be their duty to increase the gap between rich and poor. I'm not going to argue with what they have written. My concern is that a Tory government is much more likely to want to increase the gap between rich and poor. After all, the Tories are backed by big business. One example is their attitude to national insurance contributions as per yesterday's blog.

The photo on the right is amended. It is my attempt to do something about the millions of pounds that are spent on marginal constituencies. The posters not only say very little but I think they are misleading. I would also question how it is possible to spend so much money in one constituency. I have not visited all poster sites but I have written about many posters that have now been seen for the third time since January. I thought there had been changes on the amount of expenditure in a general election and one of the changes was that there was a limit starting in January of the year of the election. No doubt there is a loophole and the Tories will spend infinitely more than all other parties. This can't be right.

Change the world

*fairly wealthy in relation to those who may be classified as poor on the Tory scale.

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