Friday, 9 April 2010

Here's a good trick

David Cameron was in Bolton on the campaign trail this week. He was at Warburton's talking about a whole range of issues but what struck me was a comment about someone earning £20k. He thought they were poor and wanted to help them. It doesn't really matter about the details, the perception is that what is a reasonable wage in the north west of England is "poor". There are millions earning much less than this. I wonder how many at Warburton's earn above this amount.

The funding of the Tory party comes from big business. Businesses have also been aligning themselves with the Tories. So keeping businesses sweet, keeping the super rich wealthy through many policies including inheritance tax, and low national insurance low all play their part in supporting the wealthy.

If you think of the middle class as poor then you don't help the really poor. If you can get their votes and at the same time keep the wealth with the wealthy then that's a good trick.

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  1. And yet they say there is no North/South divide?
    It is obvious that a more than adequate wage in the North West wouldn't even touch the sides in the South East. And yes, my wage according to DC is very poor...I must be on the breadline, yet I manage to survive. Perhaps Northerners are more resourceful and better with their money?