Saturday, 24 April 2010

UKIP's homework

I want to write one more blog about UKIP because I am amazed at the number of votes that they get when compared to the message they send out. Last year I met a former UKIP MEP who did not know that the county council dealt with education. The last two blogs have been about the way their leader leads. His poor awareness of UKIP policy and politics in general is there for all to see. It seems that a lack of knowledge of policy at all levels is a prerequisite.

Today I will mention the UKIP leaflet that came through my door and their advert in the local paper. The name on the leaflet is not correct. However it hardly seems to matter as we don't learn anything about this person. The photograph may as well be the photo of the new candidate. The leaflet is only A5 so we don't learn much about policy but we do learn that they are asking for referendums on all major issues. What is a major issue? Locally they want a referendum on the M6/Heysham link road. What is their opinion? We don't know the views of the candidate or the person on the leaflet but what we do know is that Lord Pearson was on the Campaign Show calling for a referendum on Europe "with all its incredible attendant costs". Now they want referenda on all things major with all their incredible attendant costs. At best we can say this policy is confusing.

I live in Morecambe and our weekly paper is called The Morecambe Guardian. On the front page UKIP have an advert for their Lancaster and Fleetwood candidate. If only they had done their homework...

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  1. After reading the flimsy leaflet iot is the only one I put straight into the recycling. At first I thought they were for good things, but maybe there ideas are not all good. I have a non-UK partner, but he is an EU citizen..UKIP would send him back, so I am led to believe by the leaflet...even though he is fully employed, pays his NI contributions etc.
    Now if there was a party that promised to deport all the work-shy trouble causers...I think I'd vote for them!