Friday, 16 April 2010

Did you see a debate?

I am interested in politics, hence the blog. I enjoy listening to political programmes on the radio. I watch TV and I take an active part in local politics. I wasn't happy with this debate. I felt we were getting hundreds of soundbites that came so thick and fast that none really meant anything.

If the Oxford and Cambridge boats get too close then the umpire shouts at both crews. Alistair Stewart was the moderator for the leaders' debate but I would prefer to call him the umpire. He spent most of the time shouting names so that the next leader could speak. This interruption actually stifled debate and led to further soundbites rather than genuine debate. It would almost have been the same programme if they had been filmed in separate studios.

I did get a little out of the debate but if I want to find policy then I will read the manifesto rather than watch television. I did want to see a debate. It is a shame the rules didn't allow it.

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