Saturday, 10 April 2010

Independent independent independents

I have written previously about the Morecambe Independent Party and one of my concerns is about their beliefs. They present themselves as putting Morecambe first but I am not sure what this involves. Do they put Morecambe first by supporting everything that is happening within the town’s boundaries and nothing outside this area? What happens when the discussion is purely about Morecambe? Do they get involved at all when the discussion does not concern Morecambe? What makes them tick? Well they are in the news this week because their cabinet member on the Lancaster City Council has stepped down because “Morecambe is always the loser”. So much for having councillors who are called Morecambe Bay Independents.

Most parties are acting together within the cabinet. This causes a problem because it is difficult to criticise any action at party level because parties work together. I suppose that is a good thing but there is a difficultly because the Independents have openly criticised many of the cabinet’s decisions and they are part of the decision making process.

I presume that the Independent Party will continue to have a voice on the Cabinet, in which case I also presume that the backbench non-cabinet Independents will now have to consider whether they wish to become remain Independents as they cannot toe the party line. Just to complicate matters there are also independent independants.

What chance does the electorate have?

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