Friday, 2 April 2010

Make the rich richer and the poor poorer

Following on from yesterday's blog, I thought it was fairly clear that we had to raise the overall level of taxation. You can do this and not hurt the poor if you shift the burden of taxation. So if the level of tax falls in percentage terms then it might help the poor by a few pounds and it might make the rich hundreds of pounds better off. It doesn't really matter if you call this tax national insurance contributions or simply income tax. The effect is the same for the employee. There is a further tax on the company with contributions but there are a lot more savings that are needed. It's no use complaining as we are all going to notice them.

Yesterday the British Chambers of Commerce, the CBI and five other organisations said the Tories "deserved credit" for their opposition to the planned increase of national insurance contributions. As long as everyone understands that in relative terms this makes the rich richer and the poor poorer then everyone knows where they stand.

Change the world

P.S. I have written blogs for the next couple of days and both attack the Tories among other things for the amount they are spending on their campaign in relation to the other parties. There are laws about this and on Saturday morning I received a questionnaire from them with an SAE. This should have cost them half the total amount of their campaign but I suspect there is a lot more to come. They can't say this post is targeted because I have told them in their three phone calls to me in the last two years that I am a Liberal Democrat.

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